Antilope-Energy is a full-web application designed for the management of energy, and fluids in general(1), within real estate.

Its integration and data handling features allow evaluation, comparison, analysis and simulation, in order to improve and optimise energy consumption.

Antilope-Energy uses the same architecture as the Antilope© software (data structure, tree view of the real estate, library, etc.) as well as its basic features (navigation, settings, user management, contents personalisation, etc.). These shared features with Antilope-fw ensure a complete compatibility between the two applications and allow their joint development.

(1) A large number of readings can be handled : electricity, gas, fuel, water etc

Energy management is ensured by :

  • A production unit feature which allows the entities and their associated equipment to be identified. Thus, their age and condition can be monitored and improvement work planned.
  • Meter management with localisation and identification of appliances (individual reference number and EAN code), recording of meter indexes and distribution of consumption between heating and cooking appliances.
  • Identification of readings for each meter.

Antilope can offer consumption assessments for each production unit or per entity, a summary of real or standardised consumption indicators in degrees day, and a comparison of various buildings by means of their heated surface ratio.

The software uses the principal of energy signature which enables consumption to be estimated and any anomalies to be highlighted.

Antilope can also deal with solar energy production by operating hours and hours of sunshine.

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