Antilope-fw is a Technical Estate Management software accessible from a web browser.
Its original and main function (Antilope has existed since 1991) is to enable the planning of maintenance visits, repairs and improvements on a managed estate in order to optimise its quality and budget.

This planning is made easier by :

  • The way in which the estate is structured in the software.
  • The manipulation of other easily recorded details : detailed breakdown, geolocalisation and characteristics of the estate / plans, photos… / type, quantity and characteristics of the installations / contracts / etc.
  • Management, simulation and planning functions.

The stockage capacity for detailed estate data, and the ease and speed of restoration of data make Antilope a useful daily tool and a very valuable estate record bank.
Antilope is also a powerful tool, designed for easy access and adaptability. An application which can handle the detailed management of estates just as easily as volume and ratio analysis.

Summary of Antilope-fw’s Capacities and Features (Version 1.0.291j, Dec. 2013)

  • Property asset data broken down into a logical structure according to the users’ requirements and laid out in the form of a multi-reference entity hierarchy allowing easy, rapid and instinctive navigation,
  • Access to all features can be set-up to meet individual requirements,
  • User management (access and data update authorisation, software feature access),
  • A tailor-made reference library (contents and layout),
  • Tailor-made screen layouts (new fields can be added to existing titles (budget, occupancy, fire risk rating, surface area data ……),
  • Detailed property data storage: Components (installations), works, current projects, on-site visits (such as periodical checks), maintenance contracts, client requests, energy consumption, related documents (photos, plans, reports, certificates etc), heating, legal requirements (compliance),
  • Data aggregation at various levels of the property assets,
  • A reference library of works which can be linked to other data,
  • Planning of associated or non-associated maintenance works,
  • The planning of works, whether or not linked to other detailed data (manual or automatic planning simulation and project validation),
  • Budgetary prevision (project simulation and application),
  • A large number of pre-set data restitutions (lists of property characteristics, component details, maintenance programmes, progress reports, etc),
  • A research generator for specialists and non-specialists,
  • Data export in various formats (.pdf, .xls, .csv, .xml),
  • Data import,
  • Data analysis (statistics),
  • Energy performance values,
  • Alarms which can be set to individual requirements.
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