They are users of Antilope.
      They have all placed their confidence in TPI.

Users of the PTM software Antilope©  for the most part, they are active in the public and private sectors, in mainland France and in the French overseas territories. Associations, social housing landlords, banks, technical inspection agencies, schools, public inter-municipal institutes, large retailers, town councils, regional authorities and ministries use TPI products. *
MJ_logo Ministry of Justice for the management of their law courts.
2002/2008 :  Setting-up of the common reference base between the DAGE (Property Management Department) and the DSJ (Legal Services Department). Data surveys across the 12 CA’s.
Component surveys using the property directors’ plans.
2010 :  Migration to Antilope III.
2013 :  Migration to Antilope IV.
MINEFI_logo Ministry of Finance for the management of their buildings.
1997/2008 :  Surveying and integration of all the administrative and occupancy data across 8.000 office blocks.
Real estate inventory and component management using Antilope. Prioritised maintenance work triggered by building “state of repair” indicators.
2010 :  Migration to Antilope III.
SLRB_logo SLRB Brussels (Social Housing) and SISP (33 Public Sector Housing Agencies) for the maintenance of their « technical register » – 39.000 social housing units, around one hundred operators.
2000-2001 :  Setting-up of Antilope II, with measurements and technical diagnosis for 3.200 buildings supplied by SOCOTEC.
2010 :  Migration to Antilope IV.
2014-2015 : 
socotec_logo SOCOTEC
International technical inspection agency and original creator of the software Antilope, Socotec works in association with TPI in a building diagnosis and technical advice role for the development of certain features. Socotec uses Antilope IV, CDiag, biblImmo and kMis for recording, analysing and presenting the results of its clients’ audits.
augustins_logo Les Augustins de l’Assomption – Catholic religious order founded in 1845 and owners of Centurion Editions and the press group Bayard.
2013 :  Antilope IV
BRICOMAN_logo BRICOMAN – A chain of DIY shops (32 shops in France).
Implementation of Antilope II. Database completed with measurements and technical diagnosis carried out by SOCOTEC on 23 of the shops.
2013 :  Migration to Antilope IV.
cg62_logo Pas-de-Calais County Council for the management of the county’s high schools.
Antilope II.
CC-Seine-Essonne_logo Seine and Essonne Urban Community
2005/2006 :  Definition of buildings and associated documents.
Component and works management. Diagnosis and 5-year maintenance plan.
Com_urbaine_Dunkerque_logo Dunkerque Urban Community
2004/2005 :  Building identification. Interaction with the OPALE software.
Component and works management. Building diagnosis carried out by SOCOTEC.
COS_logo COS Association (Social Guidance Centre) in Paris
Management of day centres for old, handicapped and socially needy people. 33 centres and services in several counties.

2013 :  Antilope IV.
enac_logo ENAC (National Civil Aviation School) in Toulouse (31)
2012 :  The school’s infrastructure and logistics department uses Antilope IV for the maintenance of its 109 buildings spread over 9 sites and its Toulouse campus.
RouteDesLasers_logo SEML ROUTE DES LASERS in Pessac (33)
Builder, promoter and real estate manager for businesses (mainly in the optical-laser and photonic area of activity) – 3 industrial zones, 19 buildings, 40 tenant companies. The Route des Lasers make use in particular of the Depreciation tool of Antilope IV and the associated IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) table.
LCL_logo The Crédit Lyonnais Bank
2010 :  Use of Antilope IV to manipulate the handicapped access diagnosis carried out in all the high street branches.
LGTRURAL_logo ESH (Social Housing Enterprise) - LE LOGEMENT RURAL in Arras (62) – 5.000 units.
1993 :  Implementation of a computerised system of PTM, including a property audit, implementation of the Antilope (version 2) software, creation of a maintenance plan. Project carried out by SOCOTEC.
2004 :  Migration to Antilope III.
SADUHAINAUT_logo ESH (Social Housing Enterprise) Hainaut SA in VALENCIENNES (59) - 22.000 units spread over 290 communes the “Nord” and “Pas-de-Calais” counties.
2014 :  Antilope IV allows the provisional management of building works and budgets.
The incorporation of technical information relating to property identity and “recensement de ses constituants” allows technical monitoring of its components, assists budgetary and technical choices for works planning.
GS_logo City of Grande-Synthe (59)
Implementation of Antilope. Creation of the database (components and works) using diagnosis carried out by Socotec on the communal buildings.
ville-St-Martin-dHeres_logo City of Saint Martin d’Hères (38)
2004 :  Property and surface area details.
Identification of components and technical diagnosis.

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